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When is looking after yourself not selfish?

I want to tell you the story of how I came to look after myself.

I was one of those people who put everyone else first. It seemed the right thing to do.

After all, we want people to like us and think of us as a nice person.

Eventually you get so worn down that you are totally depleted.

You have neglected yourself.

Imagine not feeding a plant - with water, soil and light. And then you expect it to survive. More than that, you wish it to produce flowers and flourish.

How can it?

However, if it has all the nourishment it needs, it not only flourishes but also provides for others.

It's the same for us. When I discovered how to look after myself AND that it was okay to care about me before give, give, giving to others, my whole world changed.

And the benefit - not only was I happy - but everyone else was happier. I had energy, vitality, and enthusiasm in abundance and I could spread it around (and yet still never be depleted).

To learn how you can do this for yourself - see the full article.

Do you want to be loved & liked?

The Loving Series©

Part Eight: Self Care

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