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New 90 Day Program

Are you Struggling, Overwhelmed, not Coping? This 90 day program is for you.

                 Start managing in life and start having good times again

From Struggling to Surviving
and on to Feeling
Calm and Free

90 day Program


  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Initial Session (1 Hour): Focus on feeling safe 

  • Following sessions: Weekly call - 20 minutes each

Program goals:

  • Regaining control of you and your life

  • Develop resilience and the ability to bounce back

  • Progress through life's journey despite its ups and downs

  • Learning to manage your emotions to your advantage 

  • Emphasize feeling safe and taking steps forward

Structure - Weekly:

  • Face-to-Face (Video) Calls: 20 minutes each week

Structure - Daily:

  • Videos: Presented by me, delivered daily and featuring tasks or new insights

  • Tasks: Designed to create wins -  a movement forwards

  • Insights: To create new ways of thinking or new perspectives

Support System:

  • Text Message Chat - available daily for:

    • Accountability

    • Reflection

    • Feedback

    • Addressing issues promptly

  • Articles: Available as required:

    • Relevant articles and references for further reading and information

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