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Have you ever noticed what happens if you start the day in a good mood?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

I got up early (yikes) on Tuesday to take my daughter to netball practice before school and we were rewarded with the most beautiful sunrise.

What a great way to start the day. It put me in a good mood . It’s a bit like Baader-Meinhof (when you get a new car and you notice that make/model everywhere). Tony Robbins calls it priming. Something good happens and you notice all the good things and it spirals.

Be aware - your mind is always listening:

Whatever you feed it - positive or negative - it continues to focus in that vein.

How do you talk to people?

Do you talk using positive words and phrases? With kindness and consideration for their feelings?

And how do you talk to yourself?

With consideration for how YOU might feel?

Sometimes I have heard people say that they use the negative about themselves because they are wanting someone outside of themselves to contradict it and say the positive.

This may get the immediate result we want but too often it means we focus on the negative and what we shouldn't be doing.

Here’s the big question:

Do you treat yourself as you want others to treat you ?

Often we treat others better than we treat ourselves

The Loving Series©

Part Seven: Be positive

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