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Do you find some people annoying?

I met a guy on a date a few years back.

It all seemed promising - he made fact the date lasted for two hours.

However there was a slight problem….he did all the talking.

He was quite interesting in fact.

Although I did learn his whole life story, starting with his teenage love and his lovely nan!

Afterwards however, I realised that I wasn’t a fan of him doing all the talking.

In my mind, conversation is a shared job not a takeover bid!

Interesting true fact - he phoned me after the date...he apologised for talking the whole time. That conversation also took him an hour and a half!

The Loving Series©

Part Four

In the first three parts we checked traits, respect and honesty. So we see that people are not ‘perfect’ and that we all do have faults.

How can we progress to reaching this point?

This is Part Four

To help us with moving forwards, we need to be accepting of ‘faults’ and imperfections.

How else can we change them if we don't acknowledge that they exist?

How can you find a way to accept others' faults though?

Then, how can we have the mindset to accept our own?

Message me and get some free help with this.

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