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Hello from Vanessa!

Founder & Director of Life Mentoring


I am Vanessa, and I bring over a decade of dedicated experience to the profound task of guiding individuals in reshaping their lives.

Commencing with a degree in Psychology, my professional journey has evolved to encompass qualifications in Life Coaching, Solution-Based Counselling, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. Despite the broadening of my expertise, psychology, with a specific emphasis on understanding human behavior, remains my central passion.

Fifteen years ago, I was confronted with becoming a widowed mother of four living overseas.

Today, I confidently assert that I am among the most content individuals I know.

Throughout this period, my commitment has extended to offering mentorship and guidance to adults navigating challenging phases, facilitating transformative change by adjusting behaviors and unwanted emotions.

My dedication further extends to supporting parents in addressing challenges associated with child behavior, empowering them to navigate their parenting journey with confidence and reclaim personal space. Immediate success translates to instant relief.

Equipped with practical tools and informed by my own life experiences, I have successfully translated my skills and knowledge into a thriving business.

My professional focus centers on assisting others, delivering straightforward tools and manageable steps to untangle what may initially appear as a complex life.

I am enthusiastic about extending this support to you as well.

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