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Do you see other people looking at and judging you?

I started going to the gym about a year ago.

I felt very self conscious. Don’t we all?

Sometimes I would see people who were so fit and toned and in shape.

Other times I would notice people who were rehabilitating or wanting to lose weight or just starting out.

I wondered whether people looked at me and compared themselves.

Did this make them feel good or deflated?

I realised how much we compare ourselves. Then I realised that I had the choice - do I want to feel good about myself or do I want to feel bad (or perhaps motivated!)

I can choose to look at those who are so slim and fit and toned and feel bad and deflated.

Or I can compare to those who have a long way to go and feel I am ahead of them and consequently feel better about myself.

So we have the choice

Don't compare to those who make you feel worse.

The ideal of course is to get to the point where your goals aren’t set with others in mind and you don’t compare at all.

The Loving Series©

Part Five

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