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Positive energy

I was lacking in energy this weekend.

It has been a full on week.

I felt lucky that the sun was shining. I sat outside in my garden and soaked up the brightness and warmth. The music was playing. My daughters were 'high' on the music and dancing and singing (I was feeding off their energy.) I could hear the sounds of activity - making me feel the world was alive. I could see all the countryside - the naturalness, the colours, the vibrancy. I could feel the grass under my feet.

I took slow deep breaths - inhaling the fresh fresh air.

I kept adding in all the things that 'give' to me. That give me energy. I began to feel filled again.

Last year I decided to bite the bullet and make my first video. For the first time I put myself out into the world on YouTube. My first video was Self Care. It was in this video and article that I talked through my self care discovery and journey, How I leant to fill my cup so I could give quality to others without draining myself.

I get energy from positive people, from music, from sun.....write your own list. Watch the video or read the article .

When we are full of positive energy we can give to others without depleting our own supply. Keep filling your cup. For help with this please contact me now

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