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Do you want to be loved & liked? How do you get to this?

The Loving Series©

During this journey - I discovered my strengths, what others could appreciate in me.

How I wanted them to value these.

And what is important to me.

Ultimately wonderful when they respect my boundaries.

I realise true honesty with myself.

Not just saying I am ‘caring’:

Am I showing that to others?

How am I showing that?

and the real proof - how are they receiving that?

To say I have shown ‘care’ yet they don’t feel cared for - am I really caring?

The honesty question - is it real?

The first three parts have been published.

Part One was about traits.

Here you discovered traits - important ones to you & those around you.

This uncovers your strengths.

Part Two was being respected.

What’s important to you?

What are your boundaries?

Ensuring you respect others boundaries

And that your own are respected.

Part Three is being honest.

How many people are truly honest with themselves.

Not just with your actions - being open & honest with your actions matching your intentions & your behaviour & how they are received.

You will now have a shift in your views & yourself.

Love the moments it dawns on you & falls into place.

Thanks for the feedback & letting me know how you are journeying with this.

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