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What will you do?

When we were kids we went to school and we were 'given' information.

We had to learn it by reading it, by writing it down, by repeating it.

This did not help the girl at the deli when I asked for a third of a kilo of ham. She could not work out the maths for herself.

A client last year - a friend of a friend - said she had read so much.

She started to list all the books and YouTube videos she had watched.

Again - so much information. She had the knowledge. Huge amounts.

Yet she was still struggling.

Two of my early videos were quite popular. One was when I discovered self care. In it I gave information and help on how to care for yourself. The other was loneliness. It resonated with many. Did they end up feeling less lonely in their lives - only some did. Again, they had the information.....

When people said it had helped them - I asked them - how did it help you?

From the self care video they made their debit and credits list

They did their wheel. Which was enlightening.

They say they then took ACTION

The theme is the same in all cases - I can give you the information.

However, having the information alone doesn’t make the difference.

The change comes from ACTION. What action will you take?

Contact me today for guidance. Free taster session !!

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