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Searching desperately for purpose, to give some meaning to your life? Here's a tip- Stop Right Now

Do you see everyone doing what they love?

Talking about their passion

Others have aspirations and aims and goals

Others being decisive, clear and having direction in life

Does everyone else seem to know what they want to do

****Does this sounds like you?*************

And you are wondering - what’s wrong with me, why don’t i know what i want to do?

Why am i different

Your friends are finding jobs, their ‘career’, doing their thing

Using their qualifications

You want to get started

Do you feel stuck - not knowing what direction to go in now

Is this frustrating you.

**Can you relate to this?**************

You feel stressed and pressured to get on with it

You feel you are wasting time

And now you feel anxious - because you still haven’t worked it out

You are lost and left behind

You must be different, there must be something wrong with you

You feel you are procrastinating

This means that now you are miserable…….

I know how you feel. I finished school and had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t even know where I wanted to live. And I had to get a job. I was lost and didn't know where to start. How do you find a career. How do you even find a job. And one that you enjoy. Everyone else was heading off in their own direction. And there I was standing still. I was left behind. I didn’t ask for help. I just froze. I didn't know what to do. Inspiration was missing. I needed help and a direction. I couldn't find it. But then it rose to panic and the fear got too much. And I found that I had to make a start. I had to move, otherwise I would be stuck here forever. And now, many many years later my life has been a journey. It wasn’t the one I would have planned but it became fulfilling and purposeful and even exciting. And now today I am doing what I love and I will continue to do so and it will continue to evolve.

*********Would you like some help************

Imagine being sure

Knowing what 'lights your fire'

What excites you

Imagine being able to get up every morning, leap out of bed and jump into the new day

Imagine having enthusiasm

Living your passion

Having fun every day doing what you love

How can you make this happen

How can you stop this pressure, stress and anxiety and jump into fun and living.

Here's my tip:

Even my dog wants a purpose or she will create one

A few weeks ago she was being restless. She goes for walks but the excitement has gone out of it. It's become boring for her. It's not all about getting out and getting exercise.

She was purpose!

Yes, even a dog wants purpose.

In her view that's the reason for living. She is here to serve me and so she must have a purpose that she can fulfil

It doesn’t much matter what.

That's the interesting thing. And it can be created


Because its about feeling there IS a purpose.

So I give her 'jobs' to do. Then she can accomplish them. And I can praise her. She feels proud because she's pleased me. and she wants more!

So how does this relate to you.

Remember above I told you how I froze and didn't know what to do and then the panic and fear was so much that I had a choice - stay frozen or take action. I chose action. The best thing I could have done.

What action did I take and why?

Well, it didn't much matter in the beginning. Don't remain static waiting until you feel you know what big amazing compelling action to take.

Anything to get going. Once you move you can get momentum. It's much harder to move from static. Imagine trying to push start a car. It's much harder to start to get it moving than it is to keep it moving once its started.

Life Mentoring will help you to get that first action. To get started.

Once you have action then you start to have purpose.

Life Mentoring will help you create purposes. Yes purposes plural. Because it's not about leaping into our one great purpose in life and hey presto life is rosy and fun. It's about having many purposes and feeling accomplished and fulfilled with the smaller things.

Together we work through what inspires you in life, highlighting your strengths and who you really are. This is the beginning of action. This is the start.

So what are your options?

What is your FIRST step?

How can you move forward?

How can you create action and get momentum going?

Contact me for a free consultation.

Get going today

Take action now!

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