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I was reacting last week….

(to be fair - we all are, all the time)

Last week a friend had misunderstood something I said and decided to voice this to other friends.

When I was told about this I wasn't happy.

Because it wasn't true - it was a pure misunderstanding.

I told them this and although they realised their mistake, I started reacting and said they needed to go and clarify with everyone they had complained to.

What’s interesting about this is the fact that I reacted.

It was an emotion (so it happened without conscious thought).

I asked myself about this - I needed to reflect - because it was such a strong reaction.

The clue is in the word “re-action” -

If it was a re-action then that means I have acted this before.

So the question became: when have I acted like this before?

Once you dig into where and why, you begin to understand the current action.

All of our emotions are therefore “re-actions”.

So ask yourself : when was the first “action”?

This will lead you to why it happened this time

Which will lead you to reducing the need to react in future.

For help to get through these emotions and reactions - contact me now.

I offer a free (30min) session to help you to clarify what’s going on for you.

This will give you an easier, more comfortable life.

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