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Is your life hard?

It all seems so easy for successful people .

They have it all going for them

They are so lucky

How do you become someone who succeeds?

How do you become one of the lucky ones ?

What do all these people have in common?

Richard Branson

Oprah Winfrey

Charlie Theron

J K Rowling

Nelson Mandela

Stephen King

Jim Carey

Johnny Depp

David Arquette

Walt Disney

Sochiro Honda

Hilary Swank

Sylvester Stalone

An endless list

Here in New Zealand in 1944, 740 children - Polish refugees - were brought to Pahiatua.

They had nothing, not even family. They were barely accepted into the community. They had no clothes or shoes. They lived in poverty. Yet from this hardship they created a life. One example - Margaret Doucas - went on to donate a large part of her life to the SPCA and millions of dollars to them on her death.

What do they all have in common?:

These people had a difficult childhood.....

These people had much adversity......

These people failed time and time again......

Do you think you could have success?

What help would you need to achieve this ?

You have a choice:

Don’t give up.

Use your ‘hard’ to achieve greatness, or sit back and enjoy your easy life & give to others.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help !

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