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Highly intelligent- a sought after commodity - what could possibly go wrong ?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Imagine being highly intelligent.

An obvious advantage in life

Well yes, but…

The alpha male is highly intelligent, he prides himself on it.

In business the benefit of high intelligence is the ability to make good and clever business decisions. Often extremely quickly.

The company benefits enormously. This is a huge asset.

However, in doing so, the alpha male wants praise and not to be challenged.

“Look at me, look at me”, comes to mind. Coupled with a desire to be the centre of attention it really isn’t an attractive trait.

The flaw in intelligence is that it doesn’t always associate with humbleness, so instead of being admired, they are considered ‘idiots’ in a social setting. Their pride gets them into trouble. In both work and social life, the alpha male is oblivious to the eye rolling and disbelief of those around him of what comes out his mouth. This disbelief is not one of admiration!

Additionally, the need to display it just comes across as arrogant, and condescending. In the eighties we called them Merchant Bankers…Cockney rhyming slang! All signs of the insecurity that we talked about last week.

Business at the speed of thought - attractive? maybe not. Beneficial? again maybe not, especially if no one else can keep up, which means the alpha has a tendency to race ahead, leaving others behind. Teamwork is not in his vocabulary.

They tend to be dismissive of others.

Who needs the others when the alpha has the skills to go it alone.

They scoff openly. they are confrontational and intense.

They are incredulous how slow and inadequate others are, but of course they are measuring off their own standard, instead of any practical standard.

Their emotions are under-developed. They are probably so deeply hidden that they may not even realise they have any. They may pride themselves of being in control of their emotions. And frown on those who show any emotion.

Alpha male intelligence means logic, but it almost certainly doesn’t mean empathy. They try to apply analysis to feelings, rather than experiencing them, they are intimidating to those less analytical.

Those below him despise him and yet show a respect for his intelligence, knowing they can learn from him but be torn to shreds at the same time.

If those who report to him have a hunger to learn then they will want the attention of the alpha male, to tap into his knowledge, and hope for his approval. Once they have his knowledge, and they themselves advance in the business world, they may often carry the alpha’s negative traits with them.

The alpha male is often seen as domineering and socially awkward.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) really would be an addition to the alpha male’s armoury, if only they were intelligent enough to see that!

Kudos to any alpha male who can have the courage to admit this. Once you can be brave and open to seeing this - the world really is your oyster!

Does this resonate with you?

Alpha Male Series©

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