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Have you been in a difficult situation? Maybe an unpleasant feeling or experience.

Have you been in a difficult situation? Maybe an unpleasant feeling or experience.

I was in a difficult situation a month ago.

I was accused of something.

And I reacted.

I couldn’t stop myself.

Does that happen to you too?

Then I tried to stop my reaction and think about the appropriate way forward.

That's hard though - when you are in reaction mode - you are using the wrong side of your brain.

It's hard to get into the logical side.

It was the same when I was feeling frustrated with my daughter.

I was annoyed in fact.

And I just wanted to let my feelings out - so she knew how I felt about it.

I realised though, that wouldn't help.

So I kept them under wraps.

However I couldn't work out how to proceed.

And that was frustrating.

So I had frustration on top of frustration!

And then that was frustrating.

I did it wrong in the end - I let my frustration out!

Have you had a similar situation?

Did you react ?

Now that the event has passed, I can think about it logically.

This means that next time I'm in a similar situation I have a plan.

A plan that I can't come up with when I'm in the middle of it.

I'm happy - because next time I will do better.

Better means that I don't react and I get a desirable outcome.

Do you reflect afterwards?

Do you come up with a plan?

This is how I help parents when we are improving parenting.

This is how I help clients when improving their lives.

You can message me now for help with this.

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