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Do you want respect?

The Loving Series©

Part Two

Do you want respect?

I remember repeatedly not feeling respected.

I planned my day around meeting my friend, at the beach.

It was going to work well - for example, a dog walk, I'd do my weekly food shop, my daughter’s stationery which I postponed buying to that day (as the shop is en route) & also the DIY store.

As I was leaving, she cancelled.

I was gutted - all these things, plus more, of my busy week was planned around it.

Some warning would have been appreciated. (Of course I know I could still go alone).

I like to turn up AND on time (not 20mins late). And I like advance warning if I can’t make it. And I expect the same both ways.

Respect shows that you are important & valued.

We can become triggered when people don't respect our values.

My trigger helped me show my friends my time boundaries. And I really appreciate their respect of this.

In Part One you discovered yours friends' traits (plus your own) - their important values.

Become aware of yours and your friends' values

How do you respect their boundaries & values?

How do you respect your own?

What happens to you when your values aren't respected?

How do you ensure they are?

Boundaries : find yours. Then you are on track to ensure people respect them.

Boundaries : protect us & give us a sense of control over ourselves.

Remember - ask for help if you want to discover yours.

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