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Do you ever thank people ?

Do you ever thank people ?

Do you want to be thanked ?

One day I came home and my daughter had tidied up the kitchen.

She knows how important this is to me.

She was being kind and thoughtful.

I noticed immediately of course, but I was busy unpacking shopping etc and I didn’t actually thank her.

She said to me later that it would have been nice to have been thanked.

When we are kids we can get praised by parents or teachers.

Additionally these days parents may use a sticker chart, teachers may use a star chart.

We reward kids to help them to feel good about their behaviour and with the aim to encourage the good behaviour, so there is more of it .

As with any behaviour that adults, parents or role models teach a child, the ultimate aim is that the child then learns to do it for themselves.

We praise a child so they can feel good about themselves.

Then eventually the child grows up learning to congratulate, praise and reward themselves.

They take over the reward system for themselves..

We like to receive praise, attention and acknowledgment.

We like people to show an interest in us, perhaps by asking us questions.

This is a really good way to reward someone.

Do you want to reward people?

How do you reward people ?

For a reward to be a reward, it needs to be of value to the recipient.

(Notice that often this isn’t monetary - or not money alone. It’s what the money can buy)

Have you learnt to reward yourself?

What is a reward for you?

The Loving Series©

Part Six : Reward yourself

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