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Are you stuck in life?............ Yes?

Have you considered that you are still acting as the 'victim'?

The chances are that your answer to this question should also be yes.

If you didn't answer 'yes' then we need to reframe the question and change your perspective until you get a yes. Read on and I will explain this.

You want to get ahead in life but you are stuck.

The truth is that you are stuck playing the victim.

Whilst you are being a victim you can't possibly make progress and you will remain forever stuck.


Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you want to move forward?

2. What do you want in life?

3. If you move forward, what does your future life look like? Describe it.

You cannot start on a journey until you know where you are going.

Once you know where you want to go in life you can start on your journey.

So, answer question 3. Now that you know where you are going, lets see how to get you moving.


First we need you to uncover your victim mentality.

As long as you keep finding something, or someone else, to blame then you aren't taking your life into your own control.

This may be because you are afraid, or because you don't know how.

We humans take both the safest and the easiest path in life.

Staying where you are is safer than moving. We can be frightened of change.

We often don't make change until the fear of staying where we are is greater than the fear of moving forward.

Consider this - in order to stay where we are, we need a reason.

And that's when we put the blame on something outside of us.

We are a victim.

Now we can justify staying where we are. Now we don't have to face the fear of changing.

All this time, however, you are giving someone else the power.

Someone else or something else is in charge, instead of you.

Is it time to move forward?

Then its time to take the power back.

Stop blaming your circumstances, your partner, the government , the health board, your employer, your ex partner, the situation someone else has put you in..... who ever or whatever it is.

The first step is to notice when you are doing this and then ask yourself:

How can I make this MY issue?

How can I bring it into my control?

Once you have done that you can then ask yourself what the problem really is.

What it really is.

Then ask it again and then again.

Keep going until you run out of excuses and get to the real problem.


Now you are ready. Now you can take the first steps to fixing it.

So first you create the awareness that you are playing victim to your circumstance.

Then you ask how you can change this and take control.

Next you ask yourself where you want to be.


Then your journey begins

You are now ready to start the first steps on your journey.

You need to start small.

Ask yourself now what steps you can take.

Get some small successes in your forward movement.

This will help you to still feel safe but have some movement.

This will keep you motivated.

Be Kind

Please remember that it isn't your fault that you are here.

This is all part of your journey and if this article resonates with you then you are ready to move forward.

You are ready to become unstuck in life.

Be kind to yourself.

Don't blame yourself.

Accept where you are but accept that you want to make changes so your life can improve. Life Mentoring is here to help when you need support.

We offer an initial free one on one session to help you.

Contact us now.

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