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Are you frustrated because you can’t fix it?

I became stressed the other morning. This meant that when my girls had left for school I wasn’t feeling relaxed or ready for the day. However I realised that THEY were the ones who were stressed because they were rushing. I realised that I was taking that on.

Similarly, last weekend, it was cold: I was cold .

It’s winter here.

I went to pick my daughter up from a sleepover. She was still in her pyjamas!

I dropped her off at home and I was worried she too would be cold.

She didn’t even have shoes on and it was cold and rainy.

I expressed this to her and she said “it’s okay....”

I realised that I had put my feelings onto her.

I was cold so I showed concern from that perspective.

She wasn’t cold so my suggestions weren’t helpful.

I hadn’t seen her perspective!

Nor had I asked her if she wanted my suggestions.

I needed to stop and consider: WHO OWNS THE PROBLEM. It was not my problem or my issue, so it wasn’t mine to fix.

How often are you trying to fix something that is not yours or not within your control.

Ask yourself:

Is this mine?

Is it in my control ?

It’s often an idea to ask for help. It’s not always as simple as the examples above. We can’t always see it as clearly as this.

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