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An amazing discovery, do you want to achieve this too?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I’ve discovered something that should have been obvious.

But I’ve never been told it before.

My newest parenting clients are only now into their second week.

As usual there was an incredible shift after just one week

I asked how confident they felt about parenting and how in control or in charge of their child they felt.

I asked to score it before the first session and then again a week later.

They scored zero before I came along.

This isn’t uncommon.

This is the often the point at which parents call me in.

They are at rock bottom.

Tearing their hair out and at a total loss.

These are the good parent though.

These are the ones that really want the best for their children. And they will do anything - including putting up their hand and asking for help. They are prepared to say ‘is it me’, can we be doing better, please show us we want to learn . This, rather than feeling they can’t ask because it makes them look bad, looks like they are failing.

You tell me one parent who wouldn’t benefit from help.

There isn’t one.

And the reason - even if you are as well trained as me - is because a parenting coach see it from the outside without the emotion.

As parents, we are so wrapped up in wanting the best that we miss how our emotions are leading our parenting astray.

Anyway, from scoring a fairly typical zero - just one week later they were on a five!

Now this isn’t unusual

Nor is it unusual that the child’s behaviour has improved hugely in just one week.

However what I loved hearing about these parents (who although separated are still joint in their desire to do better for their child) is the fact that there have been so many comments about how much happier the child is!

In just one week!!

I use a simple technique. Positive Parenting. I help the parents with the behaviour giving them tips and tools to learn and use for themselves. All very simple and easy to implement . It’s 100% effective

As I said at the beginning - this should be obvious - but it’s never come through from so many sources about a child before.

Life for this child has changed !

I can’t wait to go back next week

Well done to these brave parents who took the step to ask for help.

We all need help and not just with our parenting but also with our own messy lives !

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