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Alpha males - the good, the bad and the ugly?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I was lucky enough to come across an alpha male the other day.

This is a rare challenge for me.

It’s also a privilege as the alpha male doesn’t require coaching.

Usually my clients are ENFP or INFP - kind caring empathetic souls.

The alpha male is very different.

As with all personalities - they have some fabulous strengths.

They aren't afraid to use them.

And are perfectly aware of the strengths they possess.

They are especially useful in the work place and 70% of top CEOs are alpha male.

So why would an alpha male want coaching. They are doing so well, so what could possibly cause them to want to improve.

Well, generally they don't want coaching.

They don't need 'fixing' or improving!

However if we harness their strengths and tweak them then we can have the whole company working as a team.

They could have all the workers on board and truly motivated.

Then the company would fly.

However typically the alpha male doesn't see this.

Back to coaching - is the alpha male insecure?

We took time to discuss the alpha male.

He's strong and appears fearless as he goes after what he wants and is usually right.

This is the cover story. And it's a very good one and very convincing. However if you talk about vulnerabilities he will assure you has has none.

Try and dig a little deeper though and you will meet resistance.

Even anger.

This anger is a cover emotion.

So if we are lucky enough to build rapport with the alpha male and gain his trust, we will be able to get deeper still.

What is he afraid of?

The anger and strength is covering a fear.

A fear that he doesn't want people to get near. He doesn't want to appear weak.

So behind this strength and fear is his real vulnerability .

He is insecure.

He fears rejection.

Once we get to this, once we reach acknowledgement - then we can coach him. We can get through this.

So, my question - are all alpha males insecure?

Find out more next week.

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