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Your brain's powerful google search

Even though my kids are older now - we still do an Easter Egg hunt.

It's become a family tradition and I feel it is bonding in a way.

The older they get, the harder it is to still make it a challenge for them.

This year, for one reason and another, we were rather pushed timewise, so some were left unfound (we had to go out)

My son forgot something and had to return to the house

His brain had just spent the last hour searching for glimmers of hidden pink.

Even though we had stopped.

Even though he was no longer looking

Even though he was rushing back to the house

His brain’s ‘google search’ was still looking

And as he dashed out - he saw one!

Consider next time you put something into your brain's google search - just an hour is enough for it to keep searching.

Train your brain with what you want to have on your mind, with what makes you happy

Make sure you put something POSITIVE into the google search…….have a good day!

For help with how to turn everything into a positive - contact me now.

(first 30 mins session is free)

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