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Your best is NOT good enough

Stop ‘doing your best’

Your best is NOT good enough :

I have a friend - their mother always said : it’s ok, you’ve done your best.

They always assumed that they never had to do any better.

They were being told what they did IS enough.

So they never did do better!

Never learnt to try harder!

And always stopped at ‘enough’!

A parent, a week back, said I’ve done my best & my kids will agree with me. So I’ve done well enough.

I’ve tried hard especially with my kids. We all do .

People would say me - you’ve done your best. That’s what counts.

This way of thinking is stunting each of us who subscribes to it

It’s crippling our youth

Your best simply won’t cut it

It’s not good enough any more

Why? - because you need to do better than you best

If you can’t to see how - then learn from someone who is doing better.

Do better - for a better you

So YOU learn & grow

Do better for your kids

For happier healthier KIDS

They need you - as a role model.

It’s time to start doing more than you best

Stop settling for your best

If you need help with your own journey or the one you are setting your kids up for - please contact me today.

Don’t leave it til tomorrow

I will give you a free session - make your tomorrow become steps ahead of your today

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