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Why are you starting from there?

You are a tourist, driving along and you stop to ask for directions to Dublin.

You possibly have a map, but if you don't know where you are, it isn't much help.

You put the window down and ask the passerby (who is hopefully a local Irishman):

Do you know the way to Dublin?

And they say - yes but I wouldn't start from here.

(Great joke!)

I help people get from A to B.

I was with a client and we were talking about confidence.

They were starting with a view that they were useless. That's not really the best place to start.

Where do you think the client should start?

To me it's rather like deciding to climb the cliff via the cliff face itself.

Isn't it better to go via the easy route?

It is best to start from a place where you have the best chance of reaching your goal.

I help clients get from A to B

Have you made a choice about where A is?

Contact me now mif you are struggling with your A.

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