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What's your dream?

Whilst I was walking with my client today, she was sharing her frustrations that she isn’t happy. Her kids have left home and she’s ready to enjoy life. Why isn’t she, what’s going on?

Her husband didn’t seem to be happy with his life either. He’s worked hard and close to retirement.

It turns out that his kids (from the first marriage) are still living at home, without jobs, and he was paying for them. He was trying to get them jobs, trying to sort out his current work , trying to sort out his elderly mother .....

So why aren’t they happy?

I asked her what her dreams and what her husbands dreams are.

Turns out that they have been focusing on sorting out the past.

There is no future on the horizon.

They are so busy on the past that they are actually living in the past and there is no pull towards a future.

Sorting out the past is a good thing but when you end up living there and have no goals, plans or dreams for the future your chances of excitement about life are about nil !

If you want to change your life around - change your mindset and change your focus -

Contact me now for a free chat about what could be keeping your from your future

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