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What’s bothering you right now and seemingly making your life hard today ?

I feel many of us spend time trying to make things ‘better’.

We will think and talk about what’s going on and try to fix it.

We want to solve our problems.


When clients come to me –

I start with what their problem is.

They tell me.

And they wonder why they can’t fix it.

By this point they are often frustrated!


Imagine weeding and you keep picking off the tops of the weeds.

They appear to be gone.

Yet they still come back.

Because you didn’t get to the source of the weed - its root!


So be mindful when you are trying to weed for yourself.


What coaches do is find the root cause of your problem.


People generally only have six main problems* and everything stems from that.

Once you uncover your problem, then and only then, are you in a position to fix it.


This isn’t always easy!

That’s why I’m here, as are other coaches.

It’s like going to the doctor and they work out what’s wrong, if they give you a prescription it isn’t necessarily going to fix it- just mask it. They send you to a specialist.

We are specialists - we will get to the bottom of it.


Tell me your problem

Let’s get to the root cause then you can set about getting past it


*Tony Robbins

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