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What does 'woodworm' and your mind have in common?

I bought a new house a few years ago.

Apparently there had been some borer/woodworm but it had been treated. That's okay then isn't it?

You don't know it's there except for tiny evidence - small exit holes they make as they escape. Many people mistake it.

Prevention is the key. You may need an expert if its a big outbreak. Once it has been treated it should be ok. However one treatment may not be enough. And you have to treat it at certain times of the year - when the larvae are hatching before they emerge and lay more eggs. If you miss this then it multiplies.

They are a beetle that eats away inside the wood for years and eventually the wood loses its strength and just crumbles . Not good news for a house made of wood!

Worst case scenario is getting a builder in and replacing the rotten bits before the house falls down.

So nothing to worry about.

When you have woodworm in your mind it is no different.

We all have it - negative thoughts that are eating away in side you.

Like mine - that my family didn’t love me.

You don't know until they get so bad that you start to suffer and crumble. Sometimes you can 'treat' them and you think they have gone away. Did you use the right treatment at the right time? Sometimes we need an expert.

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