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The winding path

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

At my son's graduation the guest speaker was an ex graduate.

He told of his winding path to success since graduating.

His success was not via a straight line.

There were some strange and wonderful add ons to his life that at the time he felt were off the track for him. He did film work for free, wrote a (very boring) text book, helped some guys with a tiny start up - again for free - that is now one of the biggest in New Zealand.

Now, all these years later he realises that they all fitted in to his life's path.

Everything had a point and purpose - from connections he made along the way to experiences in what appeared to be unrelated industries.

You will hear goal setters saying that you need to know where you are going in order to get there. They make you break it down step by step and add in a time frame.

(I’m not dismissing goal setting per se however…..)

The danger is that people become so focused on the goal they think they are going for that they push all other things out of the way.

So the lesson is - be open to what happens in your life.

Be flexible and open.

You never know when it's part of your journey and you don't know where you are heading to.

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