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The Crisis Spiral

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Are you in the crisis spiral - get out now. Yes, NOW, while you can.

So what's a crisis spiral?

The world went into a panic over the virus. And what did you do - you got caught up in it. Maybe you bought extra toilet paper, but that's another whole issue, but at least you have enough toilet paper for now. What has happened though is you have read all the stories, you have become caught up in the type.

You have now ended up in a crisis of a crisis of a crisis, or even worse a crisis of a crisis of a crisis.       So, stop right now. 

What is your crisis?

Your crisis is from a fear. The fear started from the world virus and you got on board, along with millions of others. You are not alone. But you alone can get out of this. A crisis isn't a small problem. Its a medium sized problem. It is not something you can ignore, but its also something that's not the end of the world. Its not even the end of your world ( a small minority are getting the virus and dying, but right now you are still alive and your life is continuing).

Let me show you how you can turn this around. Better still, lets turn this around and make it an opportunity. But before we get to that we need to get out of the spiral. You need to find YOUR crisis. 

What is YOUR crisis?

 Is it that your kids are home all the time, is it that you yourself are home all the time, is it that you may (or have already) lost your job, is it that you haven't managed to make the government financial bailouts work for you. So ask yourself - what really is my fear? Go on ask now… that's not your fear fear, what is behind that.

Let me help you find your crisis

For example - you are worried about your job. Is it the job you are worried about or what that means? It means your pay is cut. What does that mean? That means you are now struggling financially. What does that mean? Are you losing your home? What does that mean?

1. Make your list. All the things you are worrying about.

2. Cut that list down to the top five

3. By each one, write down: what does that mean? What does that mean to me (and my family).

4. By each of those write down what that really means to you.

5. Right - now you have the real problem. Here is where you need to focus.

6. Is this problem a real problem or is it a worry - something that hasn't happened yet?

This is not your first crisis

Have you ever had a problem before in life? Has it been a big problem? Of course you have. And more than one. Yes its been big. Huge at the time. Maybe not so big looking back on it now - why - because you got through it. And if you were in that position again you would get through it again. 

Let me repeat that - you have been in crisis before. And you GOT THROUGH IT. This is a different problem and it will take different skills to get through it. But you can get through a crisis, you have proved t his many times. First you need to get to the real PROBLEM. Which you have now discovered if you have followed the steps above.

When you have done that - move on to PART TWO - turning it into an opportunity.

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