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Seeing things another way

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Here’s my dilemma and frustration .

Dilemma is a mild version of what I feel. Frustration for sure - but let’s not go into that now !

A few years ago there was a major event at my house- see the photo

I enlisted engineers to secure both slips

They built a ‘retaining ‘ wall.

But it physically didn’t cover both slips. They keep ensuring me it’s to fix both but I just can’t see it.

I am so frustrated, that try as I might, I cannot see it their way . (I know they are the expert and I’d love to take their word for it) but I’d like to understand it.

We have had to refer to a third party because they can’t see it my way and I can’t see it their way. However hard I try!

The lesson is that everyone is different and we can all see things differently.

And sometimes we find it extremely hard to see it another way.

But believe me - there is another way.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it exists .

So when someone puts another meaning on something - that truly is how they see it!!

Contact me if you want help setting things differently

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