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Remember - Night time begins in the morning

The Sleeping Series©

The feedback is - it works!

Remember you have to do ALL the tips until your brain is retrained


Here’s a checklist to help you

Click the link for one you can use each night (Adjusting it to work for you)

  1. Outside light - green light/blue light - serotonin to melatonin

  2. Exercise & stretching

  3. Sleep Efficiency (the bed is for sleeping)

  4. Routine

  5. Sleep Pressure (make sure you’re tired before bed)

  6. Stages of Sleep - what to do when we wake (get up for less than 15mins, avoid the clock, tell the brain to behave*)

  7. Prepare the Body - no stimulants (coffee, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, heavy meals) before bedtime

  8. Prepare the Brain - We are retraining the brain. Prepare ‘to do’ list for the next day, Journal, relax, turn brain off an hour before bed. Read a book

  9. Prepare the Environment - no lights, remove devices, remove pets, shut doors, eliminate potential sound disturbances, fresh laundry, perhaps lavender drops. Sleep Trackers, Sleep apps / music

For more information on any of the points above check my previous articles or check my website.

For quality sleep, we need to act now!

The Sleeping Series©

Contact me for help.

*Contact me for help with being in charge of your brain.

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