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One small comment can make all the difference! Make your life happier ….

My friend expressed how triggered she gets when her husband says certain things.

She was wondering how she could change this.

It was making her quite angry and she felt it was really impacting their relationship.

It didn't just happen once, it was quite often and a rift was appearing.

As she was telling me what was going on - I could see a different perspective.

You see, she felt this was all about her.

What he was saying was, to her, a reflection of their relationship.

However, I explained that this wasn't about her! It was about him.

I could see that he was struggling with low self esteem and what he was saying was merely a reflection of this.

Once she could see things from his point of view it immediately changed her perspective. And I mean immediately.

It was like a lightbulb moment.

Instead of it all being about her, she felt some understanding and therefore some sympathy for him.

Now, instead of feeling triggered and his comments all being about their relationship she can see it is something separate.

Once she could disconnect his comment and their relationship she immediately felt better.

It is amazing how one small comment can change our whole thinking and perspective.

This is what life coaching is all about.

Looking at things differently to make our lives better. Happier. Do you want to find out more? Find out how life coaching can help you to become happier.

Feel free to message me.

Set up that call free session can make a change.

Try it now.....

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