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Mind Your Mind

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The Buddha referred to the mind as a wild horse.

 It runs free chasing one thing after another. 

We need to tame it

 - so are you leading your mind or is it leading you?

Are you taking the lead?

When we don't take charge, we are making the choice not to make a decision and not to be in control. People who label themselves a procrastinator are experts at this. 

Can you imagine having access to the best and fastest machine in the world. A machine so amazing and powerful that it's better than the best computer. Its google search is faster, it has all your memories stored and can remember every emotion that is connected to every experience.  You can change its programmes and make it do and behave and respond exactly as you want. How fabulous would that be?

There is one drawback - you don't know how to operate it.

Do you know how to operate it?

Imagine you knew how to operate it. You could be the happiest person ever - you could programme it to make sure you appreciate all the fantastic things in the world, you would no longer be affected by negative things that people say to you, you would handle every situation perfectly, you would be successful - in all areas of life.

How amazing is the brain - that it can do all this. Wouldn't you like to be in charge of it instead of letting it running the same old programs that you learnt as a child. These programs are old and outdated - they once served you but their minor and infrequent updates that have bugs and glitches in them and you are no longer benefiting. Would you love to know how to update them with modern updates that work without crashing?

The problem is that we try to control the part of the machine that we see - the conscious - but we ignore the program behind it - the subconscious . It's this subconscious that is doing 95% of the work. Yes - 95%. The part you can’t see and aren’t aware of. Just like the computer - it was programmed and you only get to run the program and not make changes. You are only aware of 5%  - the conscious. Yet you think (or hope and pray) that you can manage to fix it with the 5% that you see. Imagine putting a CD into a player and listening to a song then you think that you'd like to adapt the song and make a few lyric changes. so you say to the machine - please can we make some changes. Yet the next time it plays - guess what - it's still the same. Why is that - because you didn't change the program - you asked only to change the bit you saw .

What can you do to make changes to the programs?

When you start to get awareness of your own behaviours and patterns you are in a position to start to access your subconscious and make those changes directly.  

People don't like change for the most part; however, for those of you that do:

Begin  to get to know yourself and the programs you are running and then discover how you can change these and update them to make them work for you from this day forward.

No more letting your mind lead you. Take charge and lead where you want to go.

Start to get to know yourself - look at your core values. Look out for Life Mentoring App to rate your Core Values - going live soon!

Then when you have become aware of your top five core values - See my next blog coming up on Limiting Beliefs

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