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How are you? Busy?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

"How are you?" "I'm good thanks...busy..."

Was this always the catch phrase?

It seems that people relish this status. It's a good thing to say. Something we aim for and are proud to state and yet......

....yet there is an undertone - whereby the person isn't feeling the greatness that this busyness is purported to be offering.

Have you stopped to wonder why?

If busy is the new status and we have reached this status then we should feel happy.

But it's a myth. A myth that has created an air of achievement. If you are busy then you are doing well because you are filling your life.

Being productive would be a better status. But even then that is a smokescreen. By being busy or productive you have given yourself purpose. You have also managed to avoid what it is you really need to achieve.

You are using all your time, energy and emotion fulfilling this busy status. You become so wrapped up in it, addicted to it that you are exhausted. Once you are exhausted you can't see the wood for the trees. You become on the 'busy' treadmill of life and can't get off. Busyness leads to burnout.


"How are you?"

"Great! I'm productive and have purpose whilst also enjoying plenty of down time "

Don't aim to be busy. You can aim to be productive but better still - aim for balance.

Have plenty of time when you aren't busy.

AND Be proud of it!

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