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Do you want to know where you stand?

Do you love it when its clear?

All too often, we skirt around the topic.

We don't want to tell you what we really think.

We don‘t want to hurt your feelings.

So we try taking the softly softly approach.

This saves upset.

It’s also because we don't want conflict.

In fact, although conflict is important, many of us struggle with how to handle it (statistics say 75% of men avoid conflict).

We aren't sure the best way to handle it.

How well does this work for us?

How well does this work for the other person?

Have we been clear?

Have you tried another way?

What would it be like to experience the opposite?

Enter the alpha male.

If you like to know where you stand then maybe you'll love the alpha male.

He will tell you directly.

No holds barred.

He will get his point across.

And fast. He will say it like it is - no filter, no fluff, no frills.

What's the point in confusing the issue he thinks.

In business this can be great.

Direct, clear and time saving.

When I‘m with parents, one of the main things I teach them is that kids like clear boundaries.

So the alpha male is fantastic at this. It's his philosophy too.

However, the alpha male lacks in his delivery.

That's what causes the upset.

He doesn't care.

Its his point and he needs to get it across.

During a leadership seminar this week, we discussed how delivery can make all the difference.

So although the alpha male’s direct approach is clear, and moves people to action, there is a downside.

The culture he creates is a fear based one.

To make the most of the alpha males direct approach we need to smooth him at the edges. We need to teach him fluff, we need to teach him compassion and we need to teach him to praise the positive also.

Next week I have been invited to spend a day with the alpha male so we can see him in action!

Wish me luck 😊

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