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Do you read instructions and recipes ?

You should!

I know - that’s a little harsh putting a ‘should’ in there

Hear me out though

When my daughter was very young she was helping me make a cake. When my back was turned she decided to add some ingredients herself. I turned round just as she was adding some rice!

I always start by looking at the recipe. Oftentimes I’ll do it that way first. This gives me an idea of what I’m aiming for . The next time I’ll probably adjust it somewhat.

If someone has taken the time to get something perfected then why would you waste time trying to reinvent the wheel .

There are many coaches out there, all with advice. Nothing will be perfect for you but if you start with the recipes you’ll jump ahead of the masses.

The cake was fine! Sometimes things still work for us even though we have tweaked the recipe.

Contact me to help you get started.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel - get ahead quickly, ask for help from those who spent time doing it and mastering it!

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