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Do you have a routine. If so, why?

I have to say - I dislike routines.

What's the point anyway?

I was listening to a speaker and somebody asked him a question what are the five things you do as your morning routine. The idea of routine doesn’t resonate with me. I like variety.

I dutifully listened and then I realised….. actually, I laughed….. I thought, oh, is that what morning routine means. Ah well in that case when I get up:

I think about my day*

I feed my mind (with information, for learning and growth)

I feed my body (I feed it with water and nutritional food)

I exercise my mind (tackle a mind bending issue, coaching clients….)

I exercise my body(yoga or aerobic)

If I get all that done I can add more.

So yes I do have a routine, I just don’t think of it like that.

It's just what I do every day - like brushing my teeth.

It’s purpose is to set me up positively for the whole day.

At the end of the day I can go to bed happy and then I get a good night sleep (seven hours) ready for the next good day.

What’s your morning routine?

Does it serve its purpose for you?

*what I have to get done, what meetings do I have , then what I’d like to do. I stopped having an endless ‘to do’ list, as it didn’t work for me . It’s a total of no more than five things.

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