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Do you have a passion? One solitary passion?

During this week's coaches' meeting we discussed the need to find your passion.

In fact, as the conversation continued we discovered that to live in the hope that one day you will discover your passion - or better still that it comes across you - can be a dangerous place to live.

When you have a passion - it has meaning and purpose.

This meaning and purpose can bring happiness to you life.

However, when you start by questioning what your purpose is, it can be a scary place to be. Because without purpose and meaning we de-stabilise the very foundation of our lives.

In our discussion, we realised there may not be that one thing.

For example it may be an overarching thing - like helping people, or creativity.

At the end of the day however, your passion is the feeling. and sometimes what you do gives you that feeling. this can change as life changes for you.

And during that journey you are discovering about yourself and learning your values and your identity.

And it is this discovery that leads you to the feeling of passion.

Finding what you enjoy sustains this.

So next time you take time to wonder what your passion is - consider this: you are not looking for one magic thing.

Have you been wondering about your passion - ask a coach for help to discover who you are, what makes you tick and how you can get the best out of you in order to bring happiness in to your life.

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