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Are you fine?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We were supposed to be sharing and I shared that I was in a good place in my life.

I used words like good, nice, fine......

Afterwards I was pulled aside:

Everyone else had done fulsome sharing, saying what was wrong with their life and why. Apparently the balance was off - mine was short and succinct. I didn't knowhow to share when all is well!

I felt told off.

I volunteer at Youthline and this is how we start a session.

That was last week. I tried to do better this week.

Everyone felt my pain as I tried to share the good. I didn't know how to do it.

How often do you stop to acknowledge your achievements?

I am so used to pulling apart the negative with the sole purpose of looking at how I can reframe it and make improvements. I didn't know how to pull apart the good.

I'm not sure I realised there was a point to doing this. I thought you just leave it well alone.

You might not pull apart the 'good' in your life because you worry you may jinx it.

The anxious persons thinks its fleeting and may disappear, the fear of happiness person thinks it will disappear. Can you pull yours apart? Did you realise there is a purpose to doing this?

Looking at the good

There is a wheel of feelings. Immediately upon seeing it I noticed how biased this is to the negative. Of the 7 sections, 5 are negative words. That leaves only two sections of positive feelings words.

I'm curious has to why there are so many negatives words and so few for happiness.

So let me ask you this - do you acknowledge and celebrate your 'wins' - positive aspects.?

The benefits

Look at your positives. Celebrate them but use them to work out how you can reproduce them. You can help others and share your process and strategies so that they may gain .

The Lesson

What lesson do we learn - it IS okay to look at the good!

So go ahead:

Pull it apart.

Don't minimise it.

'Big it up' ,

Give it credence,

Blow your own trumpet (not allowed here in New Zealand - tall poppy syndrome).

So, yes I'm good thanks. All is well. I will try and share better in future!

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