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Are you bored with your life?

It was a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a client who was wondering "what is the point...."

I'd say they felt their life was a bit stagnant.

It was going nowhere and nothing seemed worth it.

Feeling bored with their life.

I've done that myself - stopped and wondered - what is the point of life?

A lot of life is about routine.

I clean the house every week, only for it to be made (or become) dirty again.

I eat food in order to have energy which I then use up and then need

more food.

I have cyclical issues - I have a good day and think I have life 'sussed' only to follow it with a bad day where I feel I have no idea how to be on top of life.

When you are in this mode you feel your life is boring.

This doesn't bode well because in this state you will project boring and boredom.

Then this becomes self fulfilling.

You start to question everything from the "what's the point" angle.

For me - its been a long while since I've had these feelings.

So how did I get out of this?

The only way is to ask another question.

The only way to change what your mind is telling you is to give it a different perspective - which can only be done by asking it another question.

If we ask our mind to consider boring or pointless - it will do a very good job of it! Taking you deeper into boredom and despair.

What do you want your life to feel like?

I choose fun and exciting.

Then my mind will find fun and exciting and my life becomes fun and exciting.

What question can you ask that will set your mind on a different track that will be more beneficial to you.

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