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You are living in the past?

Last week I was sitting out in the sun having lunch with a ‘finance’ guy.

It turns out investing has a strong base in the past.

So really we are sitting there chatting about the past.

It struck me that our personal lives too are like this.

They look at how a company performed in the past from which basically they predict how it will go in the future.

The theory is - past performance is an indicator of the future.

Does this all sounds familiar?

When else in life do we use the past as an indicator to consider the future?

Whenever we assess a situation we wonder what will happen & how we will behave & respond…..We look at past experience

We are ‘living’ in the past; using it to decide the future.

The expectation is - our future will reflect our past. We keep making it so!

Is this a bit crazy when you consider the following :

We wonder - when we aren't quite fulfilled in life - why is it like this & why it isn’t better?

Do you really want your future to be a predictable representation of your past ?

Maybe a decision that different actions are required if we don’t want a predictably unwelcome future.

Have a think about this and contact me for some help to make changes

Please like and share this post so others may have the chance to change their future too

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