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This is my cute dog - & she knows it (& I am biased !)

Border collies are generally good natured calm dogs.

Yes it surprised me that sometimes she would be grumpy.

Maybe it shouldn't surprise me; we humans can be grumpy.

Sometimes I’d think - did we walk her too much, tire her out?

When my kids were young I was very aware that I was always keeping an ear out for my kids. I’d keep the doors open to ensure I always heard them if they woke during the night & needed me. I know this has an impact on the quality of sleep but it's our job as a parent, right?

During one night, my dog woke me up - it seems she heard something.

It suddenly dawned on me: Just as being a parent you need to keep an eye out, the dog's job is to protect the family. So it struck me that she too is keeping guard & maybe she doesn't sleep as soundly as she could because she needs to be ready for full alert.

So, in its simplest form - we all need our sleep.

7-8 hours per night.

Quality sleep.

Otherwise we may be grumpy.

Prioritising sleep will make the next day go so much easier for you.

I help people with sleep, because I know the vital importance to well being.

Tip for today - get your quality sleep: reduce mind chatter and stress, and take magnesium.

To know more - just message me.

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