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Is there too much to do?

Do you wish there was more time?

You have taken on too much

You keep adding to it

Maybe you should say no more often

It's hard to say no

Sometimes you don't want to say no

You don't have time

You don't fit your own stuff in

Always doing things for others

Always being there for others

You don't feel that you are a people pleaser but maybe you are

You like to help others

It feels good to help others

To be there for them

*****Is this sounding like you?******

You are mentally low

You have run out of energy

You are struggling at home

You are struggling at work

You feel guilty if you take time off

You feel guilty if you take time for yourself

You feel you must give everything to your kids

You feel you must give everything to your work

You feel you must give everything to your friends

You feel you must give everything to your partner

Maybe something needs to change

*******Is this familiar********

Its okay to ask for help

You want to get time back

you want to get energy back

You want to get you back

I spent many many years like this.

I can relate.

I worked hard to try and improve things. I had no idea what I was doing.

I had no idea I needed to prioritise myself.

In the end, that's what I did.

I began to care about myself.

I changed it.

Some people feel its different for them, it’s harder and yet they too eventually have asked for help and found the way.

Like them - you can change all this too

You can become happier too

Life can be more fun

We can’t put a price on happiness

How much longer will you let this go on

When will you decide that you are more important than this

When you deserve to be happier

When will you ask for help and support.

Book a free call now to discuss getting some tips and help.

Start now.

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