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Is life like a video game?

Imagine a new video game -

One where there are no challenges !

Imagine that:

No stages to struggle with

No obstacles to fail at

No having to try again or repeat

No hardship

No opponents to fight

Just a straight forward game where you just stroll through it from stage to stage

Wouldn’t that be great ?!?!

No, it wouldn’t.

Why ?

Where would the fun be?

Where would the achievement be?

And what tools - power ups - would you gain to take with you for the future.

And yet this is exactly the life most of us are trying to achieve.

As a life coach people come to me for help to make their life free of these challenges.

And they fight hard for this

They are trying to redesign the very philosophy of life


Because they believe that they will then be happy

Is this really the road to happiness….

(I’m currently working on my Happiness book - that will reveal why and how we’ve been looking for happiness in the wrong place…..)

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