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Imagine your life changing in an you want this effect too?

I had a client who changed so much in one instant that it’s hard to believe.

One simple realisation changed what seems to be ‘everything’.

The reason being that it seems to have resulted in an attitude change just from seeing things differently.

Sometimes coaching is a slow and gradual change.

Sometimes it just takes one simple view to shift and the result is phenomenal.

This was the case here.

My client was asked to journal.

After huge reluctance, there came the day when the excuses ran out and he just had to do it.

He didn’t know what journaling was.

I explained that all you do is write.

Anything and everything.

Messily is fine.

No sentences needed.

Just write - instead of verbalising to me - whatever is on your mind.

Fully. Without judgement.

Being an external thinker he was used to speaking what is in his mind .

All he needed to do was capture it for himself.

The process, he said, was easy but the result was initially frightening.

Frightening to see what’s really in your mind.

However the result was amazing.

The realisations, captured, created this result.

And now he is changed (for the better) for ever.

This weeks article on sleep will touch on journaling .

It can be a very helpful tool - as demonstrated here.

Message for questions or help.

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