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Imagine having a day off (half a day off, an hour off even!) - here’s what you shouldn’t do !

I remember when my youngest started some mornings at day care. I could have used that time to catch up - either cleaning, socialising, sleep…. Whatever I needed to catch up on.

Don’t do this!

Instead I decided to block it out of my diary and make sure nothing stole that time from me. It was time for me.

What does time off mean to you?

‘Time off’ is time for you.

So we aren’t talking about the kind of time off when you get time off work to go and get something else done

Time is just like money - if you don’t spend it intentionally it can disappear.

So next time you have some time off, ask yourself :

Will I really have it ‘off’?

How can I benefit ?

(I understand that sometimes/some people need time to catch up on things but that’s not time off then)

I would have a ready made list of all the fun things I like doing in life. All the things that energise me and help me feel good 😊

Do you have a list?

Can you start your list today ?

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