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I have so many things to watch / read, so many people to connect with, so many… many…..

I’m such a busy person

I need to fit more in. How can I do all of them?

How can I find the time for them all?

How can I find the energy for them all?

And what about all the other things I want to do?

Is this something you can relate to?

Do you find yourself asking these questions ?

So what’s the answer?

Let’s assume I must do them all, I must push myself more, I must find more time, I must find more energy…

Or must I ……?

Is there another way ?

And am I so busy busy ……that really, I’m missing out on living .

It’s a modern phenomenon that so many of us have become caught up in.

Yes - I fell for it too.

Until you realise :

  1. You don’t have to be busy to feel you are doing well, doing more, being a great person, caring for everyone etc in life

  2. You don’t have to do everything. There’s so much available in life but we are not supposed to do it all. We are supposed to choose.

So the real question is:

How do I do less and enjoy more?

And the answer is: Choose

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