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How often are you wrong?

I was ‘wrong’

(And that is good, believe me!)

As a coach I ask questions.

I don’t tell you things, I ask you and you tell me.

However, I discovered last week that some people don’t like questions .

My view was that I need you to search your mind. So questions are the pinnacle of coaching; I can’t coach without questions.

However I now plan to decide that I’m wrong.

If I am wrong then I am forced to find another way.

So I put out to my network and clients - if I don’t ask questions how will you learn more, or something new, about yourself.

How will you find different, and perhaps more helpful perspectives, to help you move forward.

It’s my new approach.

Imagine that I’m wrong .

Then check other perspectives

That is what helps me to see other choices.

If I’m always decide that I’m right then I won’t look or find other ways.

So this week - be wrong .

I’d love to hear how that goes for you.

And please be okay with being wrong !

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