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How do you set your goals? And how do you motivate yourself to achieve them?

This can be a problem

You have goals

You know how to goal set

But you aren't achieving them

We all know the pains involved with this.

You don’t need to be a procrastinator to have this problem

High achievers may have this problem too

People pleasers may get distracted from their goal by pleasing others

Avoiders and perfectionists can also struggle

So you're not the only one

It’s hard work

Many people are setting goals but not getting there

Forcing yourself daily

Beating yourself up over it constantly

Always that feeling that you need to do more

Need to do better

You’re not doing well enough

Do you feel that motivation is your issue?

I was in sales for a while. That is goal driven.

You are given a target

You aim to achieve it

You work hard. (Ridiculously hard)

If you don’t hit the target then you beat yourself up

If you do hit your target then you celebrate…..

But not for long

Because then along comes another target

And guess what - its higher

We reflect this in our daily lives.

The target needs to be hard….

Hard enough to work towards but not so hard that you won't achieve it

If it's too hard to achieve you feel demotivated (maybe even a failure and not good enough)

If you achieve it, then the joy of success is short lived.

Because then you start again

and have to push yourself

So where’s your reward ?

This in itself can become demotivating.

It's a never ending cycle of trying to achieve a goal

So do you ever win?

And how does this cycle make you feel?

My goals are always a direction

The direction is always forwards, of course

It isn't defined and specific, or time based, or measurable.

How then does one achieve goals if they are so vague

That isn't what we are taught

This means it is driven on motivation alone

How then do you maintain motivation

Motivation was your problem in the beginning wasn’t it

(If it wasn't then you wouldn’t be feeling you need to goal set in the first place!)

Here’s an example

“I think I should get fit by the time I’m 30”

Will this goal work?

No? And the reason is not because it isn't SMART but because it has the word “should”.

Just read that again. It’s the word ‘should’ that’s the problem.

Bear with me here…..

Are you struggling with motivation?

Then this is where you need to start:

Start with ‘fixing’ your motivation

Before you start to set the goal!

I have the secret to becoming motivated.

It works for everyone

And it's very simple.

So, in summary - get MOTIVATED then you don’t need the pain of goal setting and forcing yourself to achieve them.

If you want to know the one simply secret - contact me.

Tell me what you want motivation on and I’ll show you the key that will work for everything in your life.

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