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Feelings - how do you feel?

Updated: 23 hours ago

Here is a list of feelings when your needs are being met:

Emotional Fulfillment

  • Joyful: Happy, Delighted, Elated

  • Content: Satisfied, Fulfilled, Pleased

  • Excited: Thrilled, Energized, Exuberant

  • Relieved: At ease, Comforted, Unburdened

Social Connection

  • Loved: Cherished, Valued, Appreciated

  • Included: Connected, Embraced, Part of the group

  • Supported: Encouraged, Backed, Reassured

Personal Growth

  • Inspired: Motivated, Encouraged, Driven

  • Confident: Self-assured, Empowered, Bold

  • Proud: Accomplished, Achieving, Victorious

Physical Well-being

  • Healthy: Fit, Strong, Vitalized

  • Rested: Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Replenished

  • Comfortable: Cozy, Relaxed, At ease


  • Free: Liberated, Unrestrained, Independent

  • Empowered: Authorized, Capable, Enabled

  • Self-determined: In control, Autonomous, Self-reliant


  • Safe: Secure, Protected, Sheltered

  • Stable: Grounded, Steady, Anchored

  • Reassured: Confident, Certain, Assured


  • Accomplished: Successful, Effective, Proficient

  • Productive: Efficient, Focused, Industrious

  • Recognized: Appreciated, Acknowledged, Validated

Here is a list of feelings when your needs are not being met:

Emotional Distress

  • Sad: Unhappy, Down, Heartbroken

  • Lonely: Isolated, Abandoned, Excluded

  • Disappointed: Let down, Discouraged, Disillusioned

  • Hurt: Wounded, Offended, Betrayed

Social Disconnection

  • Rejected: Unwanted, Unaccepted, Shunned

  • Misunderstood: Alienated, Unheard, Neglected

  • Unsupported: Alone, Forsaken, Overwhelmed

Personal Stagnation

  • Uninspired: Unmotivated, Apathetic, Indifferent

  • Insecure: Doubtful, Uncertain, Hesitant

  • Ashamed: Embarrassed, Humiliated, Self-conscious

Physical Discomfort

  • Exhausted: Drained, Weary, Fatigued

  • Unwell: Sick, Weak, Unfit

  • Uncomfortable: Uneasy, Restless, Irritable

Lack of Autonomy

  • Trapped: Constrained, Restricted, Suffocated

  • Powerless: Helpless, Defeated, Vulnerable

  • Dependent: Reliant, Needy, Subordinate


  • Anxious: Nervous, Fearful, Worried

  • Unstable: Shaky, Precarious, Unsettled

  • Uncertain: Unsure, Doubtful, Hesitant

Lack of Achievement

  • Unaccomplished: Ineffective, Inadequate, Unsuccessful

  • Unproductive: Idle, Unfocused, Unmotivated

  • Unrecognized: Overlooked, Ignored, Invalidated

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