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Do you wish people were more honest?

The Loving Series©

Part Three

Last week someone scraped my car (whilst it was parked).

They didn't leave a note.

Due to the red paint on my black car and vice versa it was easy to work out it was my neighbour.

I left a note but heard nothing. I text her.

She's a lovely lady so I was surprised at her behaviour and even more surprised when she said it wasn't her.

She denied it! She said it doesn't matter anyway as we live in the city and we all bash cars so we shouldn't worry about it.

I taught my children long ago - if they had done something wrong I would like them to tell me.

The deal was that they wouldn't get ‘told off’ if they own up to it.

We all make mistakes. It can be very hard.

Part One was about strengths.

People have weaknesses too.

Accepting weaknesses (theirs and our own) becomes a strength.

We learn from this if we are honest with ourselves.

Wouldn't you like someone more if they were open and honest with themselves?

Learn to accept yourself - this starts with being totally honest with yourself.

This can be very hard.

I've found- start by asking yourself - is this really true of me?

The Loving Series© Part Three

(Even though she denied it, she offered to pay. Phew!

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